Running Club

For people who want to focus primarily on running in a supportive group setting, I offer weekly meetup training sessions organized by levels and goals. This is not a therapy group but every run one takes has the potential to have a therapeutic effect. While this is true even when running solo, there are many other benefits to running in a group. These benefits are similar to those of any other type of group made up of supportive members, such as feel less alone and isolated, make positive connections, opportunity to talk with people you can trust, motivated to stick with running goals, and feel more satisfied. 

Whether you just moved to Brussels or have been living here for many years, being a member of a running group provides the opportunity to be part of a supportive community. Which group is right for you?


* 0-5K in 10 weeks - this group is for people new to the sport or those that need a brushing up on their running skills.


* 5-10K in 10 weeks - this group is for the people that already can run a 5K but want to increase both their distance and speed.

Participants in the 10-week programs meet two times per week (total of 20 sessions). The groups meet in Bois de la Cambre in Uccle. Please contact me for details on start dates. 


Call +32 4 70 18 79 29 or use the contact form below for start dates and meeting points.