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A support group is a group of people who commit to meeting each week to share their experiences and connect with others who can empathize with what they are going through. Group members find support in the relationships and connections that are built over time, and comfort knowing that there are people they can turn to when things get rough.  As an expat for example, whether you have been living in Belgium for many years or just moved here, living in a foreign country poses challenges. For many, it means being separated from family and friends, navigating a new culture and language, starting a new job, or giving up the one you had - all this on top of the everyday challenges as a parent, spouse, professional, friend, and more recently stresses related to COVID. It is easy to see how one can feel overwhelmed and why sharing feelings within a group can be very beneficial. In addition to feeling less alone and isolated, group members learn healthier ways to manage difficult emotions, gain insight into life experiences, and feel more satisfied. 

Please use the contact form below to set up a consultation to learn which group is the right fit for you. 


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