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I strive to create a warm, accepting, and judgment-free atmosphere in my practice, whether consulting in my office or during an outdoor session. I believe that the client is the expert of their own experience and therefore act as a sounding board rather than an authority who tells someone what they "should" or "have to" do in a situation. The ultimate goal of my work with clients is to help them identify desired goals and any obstacles that may hold them back from living a fulfilling life. Whether managing daily challenges, major life transitions, or persistent stressors, I meet the individual where they are on their journey. The aim is to create a supportive and safe environment where clients have the freedom to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. This therapeutic process allows the client to build a higher sense of awareness of themselves and self-empowerment. 

In my therapeutic practice, I apply an integrative approach, drawing from the tenets of person-centered, choice theory, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and solution-oriented techniques to fit each individual’s needs. I have a wide range of experience with individuals coping with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and life transitions.

While my approach is to have in-person connections whenever possible, given the current situation teletherapy is an effective option to ensure continuity of care. Similarly for new clients, teletherapy allows access to help in the present moment.  

Getting help should never be prohibited by cost. As such, I provide a sliding scale of fees depending on each client's financial situation.

Please use the contact form to set up your first session or to ask any questions you may have. 

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