Run/Walk/Talk therapy is a combination of movement with traditional talk therapy.  By bringing together movement and the opportunity to express your thoughts, running therapy provides an ideal platform to create not just physical well-being but also mental and emotional well-being.  The effect of this type of therapy is felt just by showing up - not only are you willing to challenge yourself physically but you are giving yourself the chance to discover new things about yourself that can ultimately change your life in a positive way.


One might be nervous about having the ability to run and talk at the same time. Like anything new, we will take it slow in order to avoid feeling out of breath or overwhelmed physically during a session. Moreover, there is no obligation to run - there will be times when we walk or even stop to recognize what is going on around us.  As you are the expert of yourself, you decide when you want to run, walk, or even stop. Like in talk therapy, we will collaborate to explore your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, with the goal of effectuating desired change. This process however is often accelerated, as many people experience increased clarity while running or walking.

Getting help should never be prohibited by cost. As such, a sliding scale of fees is available depending on each client's financial situation.

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